Return to Photography after Lockdown

After many months of Lockdown and limited to within a couple of Kilometers, Photography had to take an extended vacation as it were. But as we exit lockdown Photography has returned. Happy days. Here are just a couple of Shots of The Old Head Near Kinsale County Cork Ireland. The weather was a mixed bag … Continue reading Return to Photography after Lockdown

Chains That Bind

When one thinks of chains that bind. One has to assume that something or someone is captive. So often we as people hold our hearts captive, to fear, regret or a Lost love. How does one overcome? One must release the chains that Bind. Such is the topic of Todays Poem. The Chains that Bind … Continue reading Chains That Bind

Inner Peace

Hi, This time about I want to post just a poem with as little of anything else as possible. Therefore please enjoy. Locked out, or so it seemed Looked upon as if deemed By some unknown force that strived To pave a path that deprives. Inability to carry through once, A deed one fails to … Continue reading Inner Peace


Finding you can only wander aimless as thoughts capture themind as ifin chains. This is what seizes me in such days like this and why I seek to write about such times. It may not make much sence to many But yet it is reality. A day where one is caught is thoughts that chains … Continue reading Aimless

Without Meaning

Writing poetry helps my walk through the minefield that is my mental health. Sometimes it turns out something like what you see below. Words or sentence that often make little sence. But that is the joys of writing. Often something without Meaning. Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on As the rains began to fall. … Continue reading Without Meaning

A Little Fun

Hi for this post I want to say as little as possible and just post a fun poem. Therefore not much words just a poem. Did you cheer that I spilt my beer I slipped and I tried to run away and hide Running from the fears that once spied That beer was never mine. … Continue reading A Little Fun

Sweet Love

Getting back into the flow of writing , but the following is far from my best. Yet it is another writing which I am sharing. I use very briefly a character from Celtic folklore. To explain in brief. Oisin was the son of of Finn Mac Cumhaill and one of the brightest lights of the … Continue reading Sweet Love

Creative Fog

How many have come upon those days when your creative mind is covered in an endless fog. Where the creative abilities become limited by what I see as an inability to write very much or continue for an extended period of time. This comes in a time when some of the Irish population are becoming … Continue reading Creative Fog

Food for Thought.

A topic that I have in mind should first be covered with the foloowing statement! The Following Topic and post is NOT of or including any ongoing situation in this world. It does not include any scenario or the current virus issues that affect this world.. BUT it does and SHOULD be taken as a … Continue reading Food for Thought.

The Changing Tide of Peoples.

I have been sitting about pondering on what I am about to type. I have paces about asking myself if I should with all honesty address the issues I have seen and wish to address. But I am reluctant to cause insult etc., yet they are issues that I believe should be out there to … Continue reading The Changing Tide of Peoples.