Greetings, My latest poem captures what I see within a democratic society. rather than print words explaining in full my feelings I have pinted in Verse, in a poem, so that readers can find for themselves a view that may be sole as it were But true to one voice.                                                                                                                                                             Walking wildly through streets … Continue reading Forgotten

Thank You

Hi, I wanted to drop a fast message of Thank You to all.. This Blog has reached 110 Followers which is so far beyond anything I ever expected. I am still learning my way through the Blogging scene. When I started this such a long time ago I had no real idea setup. But with … Continue reading Thank You


Hi, Before I wander much in my thoughts and poetic attempts. I am struggling to get used to this knew editing setup I am faced with, So I beg forrgiveness for any typos that I may miss. I am never one for change and especially in an area I find comfort to work in. Thus … Continue reading Hinder


In days that see Media Hype and even expose at most the negative rather than the positive to serve their goals that again often misguide the viewer from their intended goals in achieving what could be an intended Goal in their walk in Life. Thus below is my poem that stakes a little view or … Continue reading Exposure.