How to find Archives

I've had a number of requests for archives, but due to my current Theme style I cannot add archives to menu system on top. Therefore until I find a new theme that is more suitable and easier to navigate, here is a quick outline on how to find archives on this blog. From the homescreen … Continue reading How to find Archives

To Kiss a Rose

In the warm summer sunshine, I spied a stranger pass me by. This brought a poem to mind that was since composed. That stranger possessed such beauty that even I could at the very least silently admire. But this reaction in such days as these, can be dangerous and still risk bringing fort a little … Continue reading To Kiss a Rose

Thoughts Lost At Sea

Over the past number of weeks and possibly further, there have been verses and stanzas that at the time failed to meet standards I set for myself. Today I have pieced all together and placed as one poem. Sadly this means that I do not have any back story in which to fill in gaps … Continue reading Thoughts Lost At Sea

Paper Weight Shadows

For two days I have battled through todays poem, striving to complete it in a manner that suited the aim I set for it before hand. Yet todays poem comes with one set group of people in mind. Not to cast judgment on them, BUT for the reader to ask of themselves, "Why?". To understand … Continue reading Paper Weight Shadows

Labyrinth of Presumption

Having a rare occasion to compose a little poetry with a quiet house, One thought comtrolled my thoughts and means for a topic to write on. This is a topic thyat I know will cause a little uneasiness amongst some. Having grown up in a time where Roman Catholism was the religion of the time … Continue reading Labyrinth of Presumption

Finding Loves Prayer

On most occasions when I publish a poem on this blog, I also add foreword or background information and any other such information that I believe would aid the reader to better understand what that poem is about. But on this occasion and as in a few other times, I am NOT going to include … Continue reading Finding Loves Prayer

Breaker Fence remains

A Little Touch of Artistic, Landscape & Others

Over the past few months I had some time to work on a little photography. But as always there was a number of photographs to sort through and edit. But out of a little over 400 photographs taken the number shown on this post are those I liked above all others. Much of what I … Continue reading A Little Touch of Artistic, Landscape & Others

Silent Isolation

When writing this evening using the topic of being isolated from the one you most desire to be with, and the over riding desire to once more be reunited with that one you desire to be with. It can be seen as a pretty straight forward poem in a manner of viewing at it. But … Continue reading Silent Isolation

Would You Dare?

(I have edited the title of this post to avoid confusing with an older post with same title Thank you for understanding, I forgot I actually had used that title elsewhere.) Yesterday I sat to compose a poem which had a completely different idea and form in mind. BUT as often is the case, I … Continue reading Would You Dare?

Who Shelters

I had todays poem prepared late last night, but I had little time to publish it until now. When sitting down to compose this poem yesterday, I was placing myself into a mindset, where I could write from imagination and also trying to place things correct, while I compose the poem in the correct manner. … Continue reading Who Shelters

Passing Vision

I am still on course to compose another poem or as some would consider a poetic attempt. Yet still it is a poem created 110% from an active and creative mindset. None of this is from experience but imagination itself. This poem takes into account how one vision of beauty haunts the eyes of one … Continue reading Passing Vision