Distracted Again

When thinking over what was intended for my last post, I ended up composing a little poem that should send the message of what it should have been and thus brought it more to light. For the record I called the last post and poem Curiosity, But when reading through that poem one could have … Continue reading Distracted Again

Down by the River..

Hi, Once more I am taking a little time out to promote another Blog Post from My daughter’s Blog. Please take a little time to visit and like her work. Thank you.

Lizzies Life

In Killarney national park there is a well known attraction known as Torc Waterfall. Most people walk from the horse carts or the small carpark, up the 5 minute journey to the stunning Waterfall at the base of a mountain hike. The waterfall deserves a post of its own, plus I’ve already got a ton of photos in this post.

On the journey up, which we’ve done numerous times, we went slightly off the main path. We went down on the bank of the river and photographed it as it tumbled over stones and in one area you could even see how the river diverted its path around a fallen tree.

I visit these same places so often, but I love trying to find new photo opportunities and observing as the landscape or the river change over the years.

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Killarney Lakes

This is another great Blog owned and run by my daughter, she is a tallented Photographer and (even if I as her Dad says so), her work is 100% well worth visiting.

Lizzies Life

I love exploring and discovering new spots in some of my old Favourite locations. On this trip back in August, we spent quite a while walking around the perimeter of one of the lakes in Killarney national Park. We were taking photos through the trees and shrubs, where we eventually discovered a narrow path that led to a beach. What was interesting about that beach is that you could still see evidence of a fire that happened at the other side of Killarney park over a year prior. The waves slowly picking up charred bits of timber or soot from the other side of the lake, and carrying it here.

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Photographing the finer details

As a Dad I feel that I should again share and reblog the beautiful work My Daughter is doing over at her Blog. Please visit her Blog and drop her a like etc etc..

Lizzies Life

Over the summer while exploring a few of my Favourite locations we visit every year, I set myself the challenge of looking for the photos that others might not necessarily think of or see. Where as someone else may take photos of the surrounding Mountains or buildings, I already had some variation of those photos.

So I thought outside of the box. I changed angle, I got down lower, I zoomed in on some fallen petals or the bark of a tree and I looked at the beauty in the smaller details. Bellow are a selection of photos from various locations.

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Allihies, Beara Peninsula, West Cork

I am encouraging everyone to visit this beautiful Blog. It is owned and run by my daughter. I know the ammount of work she has done on this. PLease encourage her.. I know Lizzie will be blessed.

Lizzies Life

Back in August, I was given the opportunity to accompany my best friend and her aunt on a trip to Allihies in west cork. Allihies is an old mining town, located at the end of the Beara Peninsula and sits in a beautiful location with mountains on 3 sides and a stunning ocean view on the 4th side.

A view of the town and surrounding mountains from the road in

The History of Allihies

Back in 1812, a large copper deposit was discovered in the hills and mountains surrounding the town. The Puxley family then established a company to operate the bereheven copper mines at allihies, resulting in the biggest copper mining enterprise in ireland and transporting this remote village into the industrial revolution. These Mines eventually closed in 1884.

Evidence of this mining past is still visible around Allihies, with the ruins of three Large Cornish Engine Houses visible…

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An Explaination on My Writing Style

I have been thinking about placing a post like this out there so folks who read my writings on a regular basis can be aware. But I expect that some may believe different and others who may not agree with such methods etc. BUT this is how it is, to place it in a brief … Continue reading An Explaination on My Writing Style

Photography at Muckross House

It has been a while since I published some Photography. But as some may see my photography is more one of playing about with settings and a variety of photographic styles etc. Basically speaking I have been playing about with photography, in an area that we knew reasonably well and wanted to take shots that … Continue reading Photography at Muckross House

The Farm

Today's topic and eventual poem is based roughly off a Novel by George Orwell published in 1945. As in the novel Animal Farm it takes political situations of that time and uses the animals of a farm to signify leaders. In the novel I am certain as are many others, that Animal farm was using … Continue reading The Farm

New Site Layout and Design

Hi follks, As you will find I have set up a new site layout and design. I will also be placing all of the poetry that I have shared here on this blog from the first one I posted quiet some time back. I will have to spend time over the coming days placing Poems … Continue reading New Site Layout and Design

How to find Archives

I've had a number of requests for archives, but due to my current Theme style I cannot add archives to menu system on top. Therefore until I find a new theme that is more suitable and easier to navigate, here is a quick outline on how to find archives on this blog. From the homescreen … Continue reading How to find Archives