The Mouse and The Rat

While out on a daily walk, a thought came to mind that would provide a challenge in creating a poem around a specific topic and story. BUT the story has never been written, (should any fellow writer find inspiration for that story feel free ) . Before going further into detail, I wanted to stress … Continue reading The Mouse and The Rat


Yesterday as I sat to write, One single word stuck on my mind that ended up as todays poem. I still find it strange that from a single word, a poem comes into being. The word drifrwood can have a meaning , that may differ, depending on whom one would ask of for its meaning. … Continue reading Driftwood

The Robin

Within this past week when out on a walk, I came upon a sound I had never had the occasion to hear before. The call / song of a Robin, for most this may have been something that would have passed by them without a thought. Either a sound they have heard very many times … Continue reading The Robin

Royal Gun Powder Mills

Sitting here yesterday I contemplated and pondered how I could fit todays poem together and yet in a manner that fits and lays the foundation for future reading. That being a place, a series of ruins that in recent years much have been uncovered from overgrowth and wild hidden areas to become what is both … Continue reading Royal Gun Powder Mills

Seven Days ‘Till Dawn

A couple of days ago, I set about composing a poem with a set topic in mind. To be more exact, a poem with one line in mind as a topic. I have always felt lacking when it comes tonaming poetry that I compose. The Title as you can see is "Seven Days 'Till Dawn". … Continue reading Seven Days ‘Till Dawn

Distracted Again

When thinking over what was intended for my last post, I ended up composing a little poem that should send the message of what it should have been and thus brought it more to light. For the record I called the last post and poem Curiosity, But when reading through that poem one could have … Continue reading Distracted Again


As I have discovered many times when sitting down to compose a little poetry, the topic I had in mind to use in the creation never makes it into the poem at all. In fact the poem often takes a turn well away from the path that was intended for the piece in creation. In … Continue reading Curiosity

Ivory Towers

Today as rain again settled on falling over us here again, I sat to write a little poetry. BUT as on occasions before, I had no set topic in which to write on. Thus I began writing to see where this little journey of creating a little poetry would land upon. Below is the end … Continue reading Ivory Towers

Cupid’s Fire

We live in a time when all we do and live by is pretty ,uch determined by what the media decides to place before us. This can be seen with Valentines day, No matter what one's belief may be or what any person decides to believe, so much of it is determined by influence from … Continue reading Cupid’s Fire


For much of this week I have been away to deal with or I would be more exact to state that I was away on a family issue that could not be missed. Thus writing and composing my poetry and normal life was placed on hold. On returning my thoughts returned to the Topic of … Continue reading Visions