Loves Dead Shores

Today's poem brought a couple of details to my often self judgmental mind. Of which I have strived to correct, but I dont think I succeed very well at this point. But todays poem centers around a thought or a question, what wold happen if a Love turned sour? Or the white screen of white … Continue reading Loves Dead Shores

Loves Hymnal

The past couple of days I struggled with putting todays poem together, in a way that I was happy with. It has taken a couple of formats and changes but in the end the result is what Is found below. All that I can say about this poem is that it is and has been … Continue reading Loves Hymnal

Encase My Heart

The Poem I wrote for this post had been heavy on my heart to compose all day, thus I had to see it through to the end. It is in sonnet form in the same format as the last one I posted. The original name was "A Sonnet For My heart" But at the last … Continue reading Encase My Heart

Beyond The Ears

There is no greater feeling that walking out into a secluded portion of a park or country side and spend time amongst the choir of birds and other wildlife that are there. Hearing wildlife make their sounds and song has become a choir in itself or a song that has become most welcome. Being one … Continue reading Beyond The Ears

An Untitled Sonnet

Sitting here through the late evening I completed a Sonnet for todays poem. But I cannot come to agreement with my mind or myself, to come to a name / Title that suits this sonnet best. I have always felt this was an area I lacked when striving to place a name that both suits … Continue reading An Untitled Sonnet

Elfchen Time

Over the past week or so I built up a few verses and elfchens, Therefore I have chyosen the better of them to place here. There is never any real order or hiden story / topic etc, just a number of words placed here for fun. I am still rather new to the world of … Continue reading Elfchen Time

The Chorus

There are times when that which we write , does not exactly meet the expectations that we had set from the start. Like many times before it may sound great but something appears to be missing, or so the mind of one who judges himself far more than others would have. In other words todays … Continue reading The Chorus

Where I Find God

It is not very often that I will admit without a doubt that I was inspired to compose a poem after listening to a song. Today is one of those days, Usually I listen to music when working here at home, especially Country music. For me listening to country music is rather new, or as … Continue reading Where I Find God

Easter Dance

After a couple of days with many distractions that kept pulling me away from writing, I finally came to a point where I intended to finiah this ourse of writing for posting before this day was done. Now at 11:30 pm I sit here typing to publish this post, I can therefore claim that I … Continue reading Easter Dance


When out on my daily walk, I spent time pondering on a topic for a poem. But after much self deliberation and pondering, I came to a topic of a poem that centers around a Love that has died. At least for one it has died or has come to a point of seperation. Where … Continue reading Windblown