As the sun shines around me I sit pondering on why so many wish to speed the hands of time. Why so many wish to alter the road they walk. These questions are not a judgement, BUT a question why mankind seeks to make such changes. This forms the basis of todays Poem. I do … Continue reading Why?


There are many who may have been amongst those who remained shackled to a Love that long passed by. This is the theme of todays Poem. Shackled to the memory of a love that haunts like a ghost and chains your heart thus remaining captive to that which is now gone. Shackles As I lay … Continue reading Shackles


The need to strike whilst the iron is hot. That is something that override any relaxed aim to let the creative spark cool. Thus I return with another Poem. Therefore I would love to share this poem with you all, fresh from the often over active imaginatin that is my mind. Heartbeat Wondering what went … Continue reading Heartbeat

Return to Photography after Lockdown

After many months of Lockdown and limited to within a couple of Kilometers, Photography had to take an extended vacation as it were. But as we exit lockdown Photography has returned. Happy days. Here are just a couple of Shots of The Old Head Near Kinsale County Cork Ireland. The weather was a mixed bag … Continue reading Return to Photography after Lockdown

Chains That Bind

When one thinks of chains that bind. One has to assume that something or someone is captive. So often we as people hold our hearts captive, to fear, regret or a Lost love. How does one overcome? One must release the chains that Bind. Such is the topic of Todays Poem. The Chains that Bind … Continue reading Chains That Bind

Inner Peace

Hi, This time about I want to post just a poem with as little of anything else as possible. Therefore please enjoy. Locked out, or so it seemed Looked upon as if deemed By some unknown force that strived To pave a path that deprives. Inability to carry through once, A deed one fails to … Continue reading Inner Peace