Inner Peace

Hi, This time about I want to post just a poem with as little of anything else as possible. Therefore please enjoy.

Locked out, or so it seemed
Looked upon as if deemed
By some unknown force that strived
To pave a path that deprives.

Inability to carry through once,
A deed one fails to bounce
Through walls that hinder
An ability that breaches the founder.

Carefree days long passed by,
The lonely heart silently cry.
When lost hours hide their sorrow,
As they quietly a soul to borrow.

Their tears flowed to unseen lakes,
That deprive the dam’s that breaks,
The barriers of inability to Flow free.
Come let it flow, let the inner peace be.

©Pat Fitzgerald 2021 
Photo by James Wheeler on

Thank you for taking time to read this, Until next time Please take care.

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7 thoughts on “Inner Peace

  1. Hello Pat, as you know, I was here earlier but I can’t find yourself on phone ;D So I come again 😉 I don’t remember what I read then. I try to find it by translate and read the same. But I can’t. So I don’t know is translate on my phone wrong, or I can’t find “this” text. Never mind 😉
    I eally like what you write. And I hope that it is helpful with lots of things. And I will come when I have time 😉
    See you!

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