Freedom’s Song

As the world watched on in recent days on the events that unfoulded in cities throughout the world. As thousands gather calling on their leaders to return their freedom. I was inspired to write the following poem to honour the many truckers who began a convoy throughout Canada to regain their basic rights. Regardless of … Continue reading Freedom’s Song

Modern Day Poet

I recently sat late at night and pondered on how poets fared in days gone by. Questioning how Yeats, Kavanagh and those who went long before them and how they fared. Did society as a whole ignore their craft? Did their words go largely unnoticed on the day? Such is the basis of todays poem. … Continue reading Modern Day Poet

The Catacombs

When a discussion arose recently on the variety of thoughts that often spin about within my mind, brought me to a thought of another poem that in its entirity consists of what comes from and resides within my over active imagination and my mind. In other words, todays poem is one that I put together … Continue reading The Catacombs

Where Shadows Dwell

Working with the methods of my last poem, I used similar situations as it were to strive to create a poem that arises from the hidden catacombs of my mind. Thus hiding within it, a number of issues that I wished to point out. BUT also wanted to let them lay unseen in ways, so … Continue reading Where Shadows Dwell


Sitting at home whilst the weather hinders any thoughts of taking a walk or exiting this place to find some ease of mind. I found myself writing on that mere thought of a pleasure walk in an area of solitude, free of the dragon that is Main stream media, also free from the dogs that … Continue reading Solitude


I have been struck by the apparent Lack of care towards the ever growing and ever rising numbers of those who fall to the disease that is Suicide. Heads rarely turn when news of another life lost, yet heads turn when the life of a family member of a celebrity falls to the same disease … Continue reading WHO

Night Wandering

There are times when I find myself restless, as I strive to battle through an over active mind that created more thoughts than one could manage at one time. This is where I create poetry that uses life scenario's to create such poetry as one you will find here in this post. There is no … Continue reading Night Wandering

Beyond Reproach

As a Christian believer I have held back from addressing certain topics when it comes to my writing. I have tried to steer clear of topics that may cause some to feel upset with the tone or content. But This is one that I feel I must address at least once in a while. To … Continue reading Beyond Reproach

Winters Rose

As the dreary dull winter days roll on by, I began to ponder on the summers blooms. Even more so to the beautiful roses that appear to bloom brighter with the gentle caring hands of a gardner. Thus I began to consider a rose that blooms bright within a glass house as the dreary days … Continue reading Winters Rose

An Ode to Those I Hurt

As in other ocasions I write either on issues that I see to be important to society or life itself. BUT on occasions I write on something closer to home. Life is like an ocean in which we sail, through storms that show horror that envelope our lives OR events that lead to divisions between … Continue reading An Ode to Those I Hurt