Night Wandering

There are times when I find myself restless, as I strive to battle through an over active mind that created more thoughts than one could manage at one time. This is where I create poetry that uses life scenario’s to create such poetry as one you will find here in this post.

There is no great or hidden lesson thatis intended to cause the reader to ponder on. But rather to create for creativity sake alone. Thus no great lesson or any such mind bending thoughts to ponder on. Just a poem that has been created from the ashes of an over active mind whilst seated alone at night.

I do hope that you the reader at the very least find some enjoyment in the poem below. As always I welcome any comments that one wishes to make. But ask that you are polite in any remarks etc. This is only for the sake and understanding that we have a variety- of cultures that pass through.

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Night Wandering

In these dark winter nights,
Staring at the street lights.
The cold air chills to the bone,
Leaving no desire to even moan.

A silent stroll in streets,
Where ice form in sheets.
The night sounds broken,
By a barking dog awoken.

A broken street light dims,
The cold numbs my limbs.
My mind wander seeking solace,
From the hyper thoughts lawless.

Praying the nights don't end,
Or bring the light to blend.
Before my mind could ease,
And see the path through the trees.

The packed traffic that weaves,
A way through my mind like thieves.
Forcing a way through regardless,
Of what blocks the way heartless.

The mind wanders its own path,
Making routes through life's wrath.
One can find solace in the silence,
Until a time we again find balance.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I hope that you found some enjoyment in this poem, that is a little ways beyond that which I have written on in recent weeks.

If you have insight & comments etc I welcome as uusual.. Until next time, Please Take care and show a little love for those that are in need of a little love.

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10 thoughts on “Night Wandering

  1. “Hyper thoughts lawless” now that’s an expression I’ve been looking for and the imagery it creates is just fantastic!

    Thank you Pat for penning this poem. It captures the commotion so well and the silence of the night is a brilliant contrast!

    Liked by 2 people

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