I have been thinking of  what to write tonight here and was stirred or inspired would be more suitable a term, to post something that is a little different. A song that stirs  up pride in the country of my Birth and being Irish, plus its use of both the Irish Language (Irish one of … Continue reading Inspiration

West Cork Photography

Back in January I took a trip with Family to a variety of locations in the West Cork coast line (which is a part of The Wild Atlantic Way, that goes from Kinsale County Cork in the South Of Ireland To Derry in the North of the Island, thus taking in the entire Western Coast … Continue reading West Cork Photography

My Animal of Choice: Birds

Amongst my favourite animal species to photograph are Birds.   From my own pet a Galah Cockatoo a temperamental inquisitive Bird. To The Collared Dove a Bird I described as almost artificial in appearance, a stunning silky look on their coating.  Then there are what we call House Sparrows.  I managed to capture a family of … Continue reading My Animal of Choice: Birds

Poetry Straight from the Pen

Today I wanted to share a couple of poems that I composed just before posting here. As an experiment and to gauge how it is received and what folks think of them.   I long to take a silent stroll where beauty is all around consumed by desire no control To fulfil a dream where … Continue reading Poetry Straight from the Pen

Such a small milestone and Such a Large Encouragement

Hi I hope this little post finds you well.. I first started experimenting with this Blog a number of years ago, but without any drive to make it work. Rather more of a desire to write anything for the sake of writing and as a measure to release some mental health issues. Then a couple … Continue reading Such a small milestone and Such a Large Encouragement

Poetry of Faith

Over the years I have written a number of what people could call spiritual poetry, BUT I would rather term them as Poetry on Faith... The first such Poem written in Sonnet form I simply called Sonnet 1.  My inspiration as I stated before was  from John Donne 1572 -1631.  Many of his poetry was … Continue reading Poetry of Faith

Lockdown Photography

  During this lockdown and with a permitted exercise zone of 2klm  for much of it There was always going to be a time and space for a little photography. Enjoy these few shots and if you have any comments feel free to let us know.. There is not much to say on these shots, … Continue reading Lockdown Photography

After Church Poetry.

Hi I have a couple of poems to share here with all.. Both were written after a visit to church , before all this lockdown stuff..  First I have no name on it. But again it allows people to find their own opinion etc on the poem.     Watching the Sands of time flowing … Continue reading After Church Poetry.

Lockdown and Locked Down

Greetings, It has been   quiet some time since I sat to write an actual blog post. The last one of any note was August 2018.  I stopped all Blogging at that point because i felt my posts were becoming very negative in many ways.  Life is too full of negativity to even bother with it … Continue reading Lockdown and Locked Down

More Photography

  Continuing a look  through a few Photographs from 2019 I dusted these few off as it were to show the variation or not depending on the view one would take.  The simple objects, animals and buildings can often become a wonderful story on a photograph.. Each of these were taken in various locations during … Continue reading More Photography