After Church Poetry.

Hi I have a couple of poems to share here with all.. Both were written after a visit to church , before all this lockdown stuff..  First I have no name on it. But again it allows people to find their own opinion etc on the poem.



Watching the Sands of time flowing swiftly by

sitting near a way ward track trying through out,

His Blood stained the ground I stand I cry

But worldly worries warlike brings a shout.


His love for all falls freely on deaf ears, Few call,

No cry from the wandering crowd, not a Sob,

Yet the tune of the Pied Piper of Death not shy

Who takes the track the world expects, his camouflage.


Standing at the Crossroads of Life few see the track

that takes them on to eternal peace no tears all free.

A Kingdom of ceaseless splendour for all who respond

To the Call of the Creator’s Ceaseless compassion.


The choice that outcasts freely make becoming part of One,

Blame it on the Piper of death Why few answer the call



© Patrick Fitzgerald





The following one was written after reading some notes I had after church, I found it amusing and yet insightful in a way. enjoy..


Advice for the Ages

Be kind to one another
Stay in by the wall
If you fall don’t wait to get up
Light a fire, don’t burn the place down.
Don’t burn your self.

Camp out, don’t camp in…
Talk to someone in a  strange voice
A viper snake to eat
If you feel sick, don’t question yourself.

Remember 2+2= not 5 .
Someone needs to go back to school.
If you realise your wrong, Don’t blame someone else. blame No One.

Shake the snake to make it move. if all else fails, let it be, because a fool and his snake are due some trouble.
If it bites then it be  your fault.

Drive the devil out.. but make him pay for the petrol…


© Patrick Fitzgerald


as usual all works are covered by copyrite. Please stay safe and enjoy.

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