Lockdown and Locked Down

Greetings, It has been   quiet some time since I sat to write an actual blog post. The last one of any note was August 2018.  I stopped all Blogging at that point because i felt my posts were becoming very negative in many ways.  Life is too full of negativity to even bother with it in writing also, or such is my view on that.

But in recent times, or to be more exact the larger portion of 2020 has been a massive stress and worry for so many in he world. Corona Virus or COVID 19 has been like a thorn in the flesh of many countries But I can only speak in regards to Ireland and where I live, which is in the south of the Republic of Ireland..

We have been in Lockdown for approx 10 weeks and to me feels double that at times…As one who have struggled with mental health for much of my life it has been a hell of a journey in lockdown. I had learned my own methods in coping and even avoiding pitfalls that would more often send me spiralling into depression. This has had to change and adjust with this insane lockdown. Necessary and important it is and should be followed to the letter. But I have seen those who ignore any idea of a lockdown and continue as if it were a holiday. This kind of view or action seems to be insanity to my thinking. Whilst there are those who are struggling in a variety of areas, we have those who almost flaunt their lack of care to this situation we as a people find ourselves in.

There is a number of areas that does carry me through. My writing, which appears to have gained a new life , also in my photography which although I cannot travel much to do some photography I have been going through my archives and even looking at my growth as a photographer. The other areas that carry me through is my Faith. Even though I have struggled over the past year or so in regards to my faith I have found that God is He who carries us through. There is always going to be occasions where Faith will be a struggle, much like that narrow road it will be full of potholes and dips where we will stumble.

There is a whole lot more I could write of but for now I will end here by saying, Stay safe, If you struggle, know that you are NEVER alone in that struggle. Until next time slán.

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