The Narrative

In recent days I sat by the PC to write a poem on a topic of Faith. But before too long I was distracted by a video playing in the background that threw me from the topic I has preset. Hence the poem you find below, a large distance from the chosen thread of thought. … Continue reading The Narrative

Real Hero’s Don’t Wear Capes

Having watch events unfold through out the world as many took to streets to reclaim Freedom they believe they should have. I began to ponder on who Many now view as Hero's. Not ones with capes BUT those who stood the gap for them to live their lives. Although so many disagree to this stance … Continue reading Real Hero’s Don’t Wear Capes


I recently spent a couple of days in thought on a topic that has been passed by for many years now by such as myself. That is young love and combined within the same poem that of the sole individual who walks through their days alone. I have tried to combine both within one poem … Continue reading Moonlight

Freedom’s Song

As the world watched on in recent days on the events that unfoulded in cities throughout the world. As thousands gather calling on their leaders to return their freedom. I was inspired to write the following poem to honour the many truckers who began a convoy throughout Canada to regain their basic rights. Regardless of … Continue reading Freedom’s Song

Modern Day Poet

I recently sat late at night and pondered on how poets fared in days gone by. Questioning how Yeats, Kavanagh and those who went long before them and how they fared. Did society as a whole ignore their craft? Did their words go largely unnoticed on the day? Such is the basis of todays poem. … Continue reading Modern Day Poet