The Narrative

In recent days I sat by the PC to write a poem on a topic of Faith. But before too long I was distracted by a video playing in the background that threw me from the topic I has preset. Hence the poem you find below, a large distance from the chosen thread of thought.

What you will find now is a poem that pieces a number of different thoughts into one set poem that carries thoughts of its own. I have never been one to believe in the chosen narrative as it were or in fact believe in the narrative that Media often appears to spin. I prefer to discover for myself where truth comes to lay.

For this post I am placing this poem without much hint as to where the topic are from or heading for in relation to my feelings and thoughts etc. Thus the reader is free to find their own.. It would be interesting where people find within this piece.

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The Narrative

Where lies the narrative when it spins,
Grave stones standing no one wins.
Deny the alternative nothing fits,
Shut it down until it now quits.

Nothing fits or fills the void,
Ends the space now destroyed.
Spending words and scattered thoughts,
Write it down and join the dots.

Standing by on the edge of time,
Where dark and light will climb.
Free-falling mental breaks combine,
To see the wasted unused shrine.

Bring to the surface finders fee,
Unbind the key that's waiting free.
Break the chains loose the shackles,
Sound the gong and all that crackles.

A cold wind blows chills to the bone,
No finders fee here I stand alone.
Where stands the narrative the chosen line,
Makes no sense when it does not shine.

Β©  Pat Fitzgerald  2022


I will state that unlike the other poems this one has been pieced together over a period of a couple of days. Thus the disjointed feeling one may find , much like the thoughts that often flow through often disjointed in a manner of speaking. BUT still carries a message or pooints that I wanted to set out for folks to read.

If anyone wishes to make a comment I welcome them and only ask as I always do, to Please be polite in comments as the english language often finds an avenue for some to be insulted.. Also I believe that language insults others depending on where one is from and the differences in language itself.

Until next time, Please take care, be safe and try to show a little love and care to someone who may be in need of a little love.

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