Wear With Pride

In recent days I began to ponder on how often our beliefs , faiths or opinions can bring divisions upon us. When a view that differs from your own heart felt beliefs are brought to question should you display it with such pride?

Such it the centre piece of todays poem as it were. Why hide your views when few or many oppose and question and demand the reason why! We can so often run the pride of our little successes in life into hiding because of a troll that breaks the glass of your pride spirit.

As in all of my poetry I hope that those who read them come away with a view that helps. Not to wander away with a view that causes hurt or conflict BUT to aid in bringing a question for ones own mind to chew upon. I hope that you enjoy this poem and eventually helps to encourage if worth it all.

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Wear With Pride

Why not wear it with pride,
When you walk with your bride?
As true love shines bright,
For the world about you seems light.

For one who waited so long,
To break the habit now their song.
Do you hide the victory dance,
Or hide it when eyes come to glance.

Can you deny your land of birth,
As rich history rings it’s worth.
Where heritage sings out clear,
That inspires to cheer for all to hear.

Do you wear it on your sleeve,
When goals end you now achieve.
Why hide the pride success goal,
Or lose it when one wanders by to troll.

With pride wear it on your sleeve,
When yours to claim none to grieve.
As belief is yours without harm,
Wear it bright for all on your arm.

As different faiths and views combine,
That seen and viewed yours to dine.
As I dine on my goals end with pride,
Views will differ as the seas are wide.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

As always I write my poetry because it is what I enjoy. I do not claim to be one who does it great, but my pride lays where others find something within that brings them that extra something to mind.

We will often find those in life that will not agree with what we do, say or believe. But should it become something for which they will question why.

There is so much that I could write in an attempt to explain where this poem comes from. And often such steps will bring questions and demands that bring divisions. Thus I will end the post here and let it for readers to decide for themselves. As always if you have a comment that you wish to make, please feel free to do so. BUT PLEASE as always Be polite as I wish this place to remain friendly and free of division.

Until next time I wish your days are better than those that have passed before you. Stay safe and try show a little love to one in need of a little.

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