There have been times over the days, weeks and months where I compose a poem and lack any explanation as it were as to how, when or what brought about such writing. Todays poem is one of such poetry. A poem that brought words and phrases from the caverns of my mind. Still the result remains as you see. A poem that contains no reasoning or explanation of why I composed such writings.

As with all others I hope that what is written within this poem either encourages, helps or at the very least brings entertainment to any who remain to read it. Therefore take a seat, grab a coffee and read with comfort.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


From the stars that shine,
To the unfinished bottle of wine.
The empty chair that now stands,
As a shrine to unsung bands.

From unclimbed mountains high,
To the strange and lonely glass eye.
The ghosts that wander hallways,
Of a mind that feels like a maze.

Words unspoken in memoirs lay cold,
In a dust covered corner feeling old.
Your memories stand forever stilled,
A tribute to a love now Unfulfilled.

Break the seal and fill the void,
Rebuild the walls that lay destroyed.
To hide once more the truth,
Of loves lore cast aside in youth.

Breach the barriers that withheld,
The storms of life now expelled.
Rebuild again show the hand,
That cleared the cobwebs scanned. 

© Pat Fitzgerald  2022

Thank you for taking time to read this post, I do hope that you have at the very least found entertainment here within this poem. If you wish to comment I welcome as always. I never cease to be encouraged by the comments that folks post, which helps me to carry on through the road of poetry writings etc.

If there are typos within this post, I will correct and update as I discover them. So I appogise in advance on any that are found. Until next time please stay safe and as always show a little loving care to one in need.

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17 thoughts on “Unsung

    1. Thank you, I try to use photo’s etc that fit the poem in some way. Also Words I use come from years of silent over thinking and over complicatng things in ways. I learned to use what I have learned in other areas of life. Also shows that during school days I was a dreamer and never very good.. LoL

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