Todays poem has gone through a number of reworks in an attempt to end with the result that I visioned it to be. I had an idea to compose a poem to highlight an issue or issues that I came upon in the past and wanted to disguise the same in a manner which the reader should be able to find for themselves.

Such is not a judgement on any people or groups, but highlights what can be found. Sometimes the indiviuals find for themselves where they go wrong thus requiring or seeking to find that path to redemption as it were. I am keeping my reasons for this poem to myself and hope that others find something that briongs insight for themselves or for others. NOT to rip down but to encourage to find a path that works..

I always seek to hide a message or highlight areas that become visable to the eye.. Shold any become insulted or upset following any poetry, it is never the aim from the beginning.


From where the cold east wind blows,
Comes the remnants dropped by crow’s.
Such are the scavengers of the mind,
Twisted vines such were thoughts in kind.

This light shines but seen not as bright,
Standards raised we judge with what's right.
Peaceful venom from visible throngs,
Combine with smiles to silence birdsongs.

Clear the paths for marching bands display,
Peacocks parade not as bright their way.
Combine forces seek to clear of debris,
where venom destroyed before the tree.

Shipwrecked on sandbars skinned for free,
Who fears enemies for all who fall agree.
Death from within the coroners result,
Forrest in the eyes of those who consult.

Storms of life greet tornadoes of faith,
When venom skinned a walk as straight.
Agree to disagree and walk united,
Hypocrites viewed thus misguided.

© Pat Fitzgerald  2022                                                                                                                                                                                           

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I hope tthat it brings a little hope or insight for some or a source of poetic entertainment for whom ever reads this. Should you wish to comment I welcome but ask that folks are polite as it is possible, this is to avoid any possible insult to those in a different culture to ours.

My poetry for the most part seeks to bring enjoyment or insight as it were to any who finds it. BUT as any who enjoys poetry, I hope that folks enjoy this little piece that has taken longer than most have taken to compose. As the many reworks become a fading memory I can sit back with a coffee and enjoy the next one come to mind.

Please note I am prone to posting with typos and correct and update as I discover any such typo. Thus my appologies in advance. Until next time please take care, stay safe and show a little loving care to those who may need a friendly ear.

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