Killarney Revisited

On days when temperatures have risen and the ability to travel and in turn plan for an afternoon of photography. On this past Sunday we revisited one of our favorite spots at Mucross House and gardens in Killarney County Kerry. Which in itself is a part of Killarney National Park. A Place that tourists visit … Continue reading Killarney Revisited

Dare to Try

So often as I write I like to set a seed in the minds of the reader. A seed that causes them to at the very least consider a Topic, an issue or Something that many struggle with in their daily walk in life. Such small and what may appear as minute issues, sadly are … Continue reading Dare to Try

Battle Scars

So many times when I seek to write, I do so to highlight how some in society struggle and how issues appear to hinder them . I write from the outside, Yet from the mind of those in the midst of the struggle. If you can understand where I come from. Not all poetry I … Continue reading Battle Scars


Often in life scars that are left behind from past experiences, hinder us from finding a path forward. Or finding that place where the heart feels at home. That forms the basis of this poem. It is an attempt of mine to try to set a poem or more in time around such a topic. … Continue reading Scars

Lonely Daze

On an evening when one's mind refuses to ignite as it were the creative juices that required another Poem to be placed on this post. I finally come up with one that although it is far from my best it suits the message that I have set within. As always I welcome any and all … Continue reading Lonely Daze

The Mask

On a sunny evening I bring you another fresh from the pen as it were. How many have you come upon who wear a mask to hide the inner being from those about. How many can tell The Mask from reality. Such forms the basis of todays poem. I hope that you enjoy as usual … Continue reading The Mask