Unseen Dreams

Today I set about to write and compose a piece that has resulted in this poem. That begun the day aiming for a different route to which has resulted. Often when setting to compose the piece being worked on becomes something completely different to that which at first was desired. This is the very fact … Continue reading Unseen Dreams

Ode to Environment Protestors

Have you ever pondered why some protestors became silent? Is it because the health scares of recent years? Has pandemic hype scared them silent? Or has their drive, their desire and their thrist to see it through been full filled? Have they ended their cause with a whimper? Such are the thoughts that envelope todays … Continue reading Ode to Environment Protestors

Mindless Wandering

Have you ever sat in an empty room and gazed out of a window with an empty mind, letting your mind wander free? As if set free from its restrains and then write to see what the result of that mindless wandering will bring forth from the debts of your mind. This is pretty much … Continue reading Mindless Wandering

Natures Gardener

After a time, however brief it was, I have returned with a poem that I felt inspired to compose. Yet it appeared to result in a form of its own making. Sitting here typing I became lost almost in a world of words that melted into poetic forms that is the end result below. Much … Continue reading Natures Gardener

Your Love

In thinking on what to write about for todays poem, I struggled to even formulate any form of understandable pattern that would usually see the poetry I have placed for view here. But after much debate with myself and a lot of consideration I have found a topic in which to write about. I know … Continue reading Your Love


Todays poem has gone through a number of reworks in an attempt to end with the result that I visioned it to be. I had an idea to compose a poem to highlight an issue or issues that I came upon in the past and wanted to disguise the same in a manner which the … Continue reading Skinned


There have been times over the days, weeks and months where I compose a poem and lack any explanation as it were as to how, when or what brought about such writing. Todays poem is one of such poetry. A poem that brought words and phrases from the caverns of my mind. Still the result … Continue reading Unsung

Wear With Pride

In recent days I began to ponder on how often our beliefs , faiths or opinions can bring divisions upon us. When a view that differs from your own heart felt beliefs are brought to question should you display it with such pride? Such it the centre piece of todays poem as it were. Why … Continue reading Wear With Pride