Natures Gardener

After a time, however brief it was, I have returned with a poem that I felt inspired to compose. Yet it appeared to result in a form of its own making. Sitting here typing I became lost almost in a world of words that melted into poetic forms that is the end result below.

Much like others poems readers will come away in the end with different topics and inspired thoughts that come to them from the lines of this poem. I am keeping from relaying what I write this poem about or whom it is relating to etc. I prefer to allow time for the reader of this poem to discover their own thoughts or develop their own feelings or inspirations on same.

I only hope that such will be a positive one for all, regardless of what they discover within these lines. This is the beauty of poetry and writing in general, that the writer is transported, if only for a brief time to a world that places them where they see what is written. Please enjoy!

Pollen Counts High A Bee was busy at work

Natures Gardener

Even nature sings of your love,
But I cannot hear it from above.
You wait silent daily for a call,
But I fail to see through life's brawl.

On my knees I tend the weeds,
But did not notice your seeds.
The gardener still tends his crops,
As I but wander through without stops.

Your whispers have gone unheard,
As I walked on by one of the herd.
Many will look but fail to see,
The winds that blew and all but flee.

When rains fall an answered call,
To natures gardening never small
Decree and life continues to flow about,
Many Listen but fail to hear the shout.

Some have run the race and never won,
Others crawled to the finish had fun.
We question why yet never await an answer,
Spinning webs of confusion like mental cancer?

© Pat Fitzgerald  2022

Thank you for taking time to read this post, my hope is that you have found something that has inspired or carried you to a place that helps bring a touch of positivity to your life.

If you have a comment to make, as always I welcome BUT as I always do I ask that any comments are made in a polite manner. Not for my sake, but to avoid causing insult to any reader who may be from a culture that differs from ours. English language is one that causes more insults than most others.

Until next time please take care, stay safe and please show a little love to one who may be in need of a little loving care at this time. In finishing, typos may appear in this post and should I discover any I will correct and update as soon as possible.

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