Mindless Wandering

Have you ever sat in an empty room and gazed out of a window with an empty mind, letting your mind wander free? As if set free from its restrains and then write to see what the result of that mindless wandering will bring forth from the debts of your mind.

This is pretty much what todays poem is based on. A time spent gazing out at a world gone crazy and people runing about their day as if unaware of your existance. This is how easy poetry writing can be at times. The result may not be very good or fit the guidelines we set for ourselves as to what fits the bench mark as a good poem.

Poetry for me is often a method of release and a therapy method to take me through another day. I have never termed myself as a good poet, but I am encouraged by others who read my writings and comment so brightly and warm to the standard of such writings. As an Irish man I doubt that I would ever reach the levels of such poet greats like Yeats or John Dunne etc. But we do not need to reach such levels to enjoy what we do. It is the enjoyment and therapy aspecct that drives me forward. I hope for others the same is for them.

Old Head Kinsale County Cork Ireland.

Mindless Wandering

Sitting silent in an empty room,
A coffee set at my side turned cold.
Gazing out of a window pane,
Now dusty from recent rain.

Starlings gathered to feed on bugs,
A mind felt empty like old coffee mugs.
No longer standing at your side,
Forever there the heart will abide.

Spin the bottle or roll the dice,
See what fate lays at your feet twice.
Bring forth a bringer of good news,
Bring forth the sunshine so I can snooze.

The mind still empty and coffee brewed,
Take a sip and now feel clued.
Mindless wandering yet seeks to mend,
The fence that carries around the bend.

The heart carries the heat of love,
Carries unwritten songs up above.
The flowers growing soon to bloom,
Time comes to rise and leave the room.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022 

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I am always encouraged and blessed by the numbers who take time to read these writings. I am also beyond blessed by the kind comments that people have made on so many of my posts, this has lifted me beyond a spot that I have found myself at.

If you have a comment that you feel that you need to make, I welcome as I always do, BUT ask that you be polite in any comments, not for my benefit but to avoid insult that could be had by others who vitit this page.

Until next time Please stay safe and try to show a little love to someone who may be in need of a little loving care at this time.

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