Hi, I hope this post finds you well and safe. Struggling with depression I have been working on my poetry in its form and presentation . Also in its story that I like to hide within and yet underneath the words that we find in print. I would welcome any and all feedback on how … Continue reading Prisoner

Finding Inspiration

Hi, I hope this finds you well. In a time where Inspiration seems all but gone. A time when any sence of being has been eroded by lockdown blues and the Demon Black Dog of depression. I struggled to find that post to fill. I struggled to write much sence as it were , that … Continue reading Finding Inspiration


Greetings, I pray that this finds you well. In a time that many cover faces to protect, They forget the emotion that drives so many through their days. So many have spoken of the loss they find, the missing element in a morning stroll, A smile! A frown! Even a stressed out look! So many … Continue reading Masked