Finding Inspiration

Hi, I hope this finds you well. In a time where Inspiration seems all but gone. A time when any sence of being has been eroded by lockdown blues and the Demon Black Dog of depression. I struggled to find that post to fill. I struggled to write much sence as it were , that time that strikes many writers where nothing appears to some to the fore.

This is the point I sat to write for this post. Hence a motto in life, “find a Postive in the negative and turn it around” , This is where I wrote the following, though it ma not be my best It has broken the silence from my creative mind. I hope you enjoy this little break from my creative silence.

 Sense of silence stirred my soul
 A cry from deep within breaks free.
 Your gentle touch captures me bold.
 Softly stroking my inner being to see.
 A breeze brings your perfumed scent
 Fills the air to bring me to your side.
 I search amidst the confusion lent.
 Yet You had left and with another abide.
 Where thoughts that filled to inspire
 Now I struggle to find without you.
 My inspiration that brings me fire
 Lost within no words could e’er do.
 Come to where I wait without your Love
 Bring once more the inner peace with you.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2020

Thank you for taking time to read this, Until next time I pray that you stay safe and well.

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