An Old Poem to Offload and Remember

This past week or so has been amongst the toughest that I have faced all year. On the 26th of September 20 years ago, we laid our youngest child (Darren) to rest. Facing the loss of a child is beyond a nightmare for any parent and one I have never completely come to grips with. … Continue reading An Old Poem to Offload and Remember


Thank you to all who have made it possible to reach this milestone of 500 followers. I honestly never expected to reach anywhere close to this number. Again Many Thanks to all who visit this little spot in the Blog universe. I welcome any Donation that will go towards the upkeep of this blog, I … Continue reading 500 Followers

Inner Sanctum

There are times as a poet that I step in wards, into the pathways of my mind to find material that will become my next creation of sorts. Such is the case with todays poem, a creation that begum with a word that found its way from inner feelings and demons as it were that … Continue reading Inner Sanctum

20 Years

September 9th 2001 is a date that lasts forever in the memories of many. Yet it should be etched into the memories of many more, as a reminder of the great cost, that evil can bring. Yet 20 years on and it sometimes appears to be a distant forgotten memory that some wish they could … Continue reading 20 Years


I believe that as poets we should imprint the thoughts, actions and deeds about us. Like poets of old who laid their trade to the mast of their beliefs. I try to remain outside the cycle of lives about us, to find the thought that I seen as I stroll about the day. Sadly I … Continue reading Snakes


Have you ever had those nights that the slightest stirring or noise awakens you and the sleep disappeared from your eyes. Has your mind then wandered through a mine field of thoughts that appear to lay dormant within, awaiting for that moment to escape from its prison? Such is the topic of todays poem, in … Continue reading Moonlight