Inner Sanctum

There are times as a poet that I step in wards, into the pathways of my mind to find material that will become my next creation of sorts. Such is the case with todays poem, a creation that begum with a word that found its way from inner feelings and demons as it were that lay dormant within.

I do hope that you will understand that much of this poem is a collection of mere words that helped me to escape the web that is depression and the mindset that comes along with it. But having said that I do hope that you will enjoy this poem.

Inner Sanctum

Temperatures rising only for an hour,
People keep running aiming for power.
Deprived of vision the goal of the day,
Another one driving to get to his pay.

Pointless claims to grind the result,
Falls on deaf ears but not to consult.
Spitting in the eyes of those are blind,
Falling into the pits of abuse behind.

Standing in line spending the time,
Capture the thread to best the climb.
Putting words where few should fit,
Emptying caverns, the mind will quit.  

Battle demons that drive the cause,
To override all that springs a clause.
The peaceful desire to rest there aside,
A mind in tangles wrapped for the tide.

The inner sanctum exposed to now see,
Distracting to track the flight of a bee.
Beloved to believe the journey begins,
Trashing the walls that holds the sins. 

© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

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I Invite any comment on this post, that you wish to make. But I ask that you do so politely, in the understanding that words can be a double edged sword and I wish to encourage at the very least. Thank you for taking time as usual to visit and read this post. Until next time, please take care and look out for those in need of a little love in their dark hours.

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2 thoughts on “Inner Sanctum

  1. Mind is such a powerful space. We dont know whether reality is in mind or the product of mind. Anyway.. There is a world existing in my mind… A world of colours, hope and love….
    But still, that give me stress, being an angel in my mind, the real me cant cop up with the world outside, so there exist a struggle between the angelic me and the demonic me😝🤭🤞

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