Sleeping Truth

Over the past couple of days when occupied by other tasks that needed taking care of, I began writing and tonight finished this poem and I am sharing here today. I have been disollusioned with Media news over the past number of years, simply due to what appears to be a very one sided reporting … Continue reading Sleeping Truth

Whose Throne?

Have you ever read a piece of writing, be it poetry or Prose, that begin's with one narrative and finishing with another? Todays poem is relating to that in a manner of speaking, A poem where one reads what appears as another form of Christian poetry. BUT one could be reading any other form of … Continue reading Whose Throne?

Complicated Chatter

On a busy day such as today, I say down to compose a poem, which eventualy took on a life that went down a road that I never expected. I have to thank my baby sister for parts of this following one of our mad capped and rather insane chatter. Therefore, there is Nothing within … Continue reading Complicated Chatter

Passed 1000 Followers.

It is official This little blog page has passed 1000 followers. For a little blog page that posts my own poetry for the most part is beyond belief that I gained followers that passed 1000. My thanks to one and all for following this little blog and having such insight to stay about.. So This … Continue reading Passed 1000 Followers.


It has become increasingly sad to me that we live in a society that is hell bent of placing Labels on Everything. If one were to have a view then that view best be in agreement with the norm OR one would risk being labelled Crazy Right Wing OR Loony Left Wing. It matters little … Continue reading Labelled

A Shroud Loneliness Hides

Late last night I finished today's poem, but felt it was too late to spend extra time writing and working on this post and publish. Therefore I left that work for today and as you will notice this post carries a topic that I believe is far more widespread than people give credit for. Loneliness … Continue reading A Shroud Loneliness Hides

Ring The Bell

On occasions I spend a little time thinking about friends and past friends(one time former friends). Most of whom I no longer have any contact with. BUT one in particular I had spent time thinking about over the years. At one time this gentleman was one of my best friends. BUT in youth and younger … Continue reading Ring The Bell

Without Form

Over the pat number of days I strived to compose poems with certain topics in mind. Yet not one was completed, or even come close to being finished and published. Therefore tonight I sat and composed a poem that was almost without form, or at least in some ways it could be seen as without … Continue reading Without Form

Life’s Walk

I know many writers and poets go through periods of time when one struggles to get motivated enough to sit and compose such creative pieces as the poem below. These past few days I had been struggling to get into such a mindset to sit and write as I always would. Eventually I managed to … Continue reading Life’s Walk

The Lost World of Imagination

As the title states and thus gives away clearly, todays poem is set to imagination. A round about as it were to encourage a visit to imagination where our thoughts etc can flow free from within this almost lost world. Too often today it appears from this side that imagination appears to be something that … Continue reading The Lost World of Imagination