Lockdown Struggles

In these times of continuous lockdowns, mental health gets to a point of over boil as it were. Thus verses that arise stem from the mental state and thus my writing begin to take form of strange or maybe confusing words. All that form the poem that you see below. Weeping willows, falling trees, Waiting … Continue reading Lockdown Struggles

Battle of the Mind

I have been working on a poem that I wanted to place here with as little said about it as possible. My perfectionist sort of mindset often hinders my poetic abilities. Because I am rarely happy with what I produce in verse etc. As seen below This is a step away from my usual style … Continue reading Battle of the Mind

200 + Followers & Thoughts

Thank you to everyone for following this little Blog. We have passed 200 followers. I NEVER expected to reach even close to this number in followers, therefore my heartfelt thank you to all who followed.. Glengarriff Forest Park I began to write poetry in my early 20's which feels like a life time ago. Prior … Continue reading 200 + Followers & Thoughts

I Write Because

Recent conversations were asking that question , Why do you write poetry? Or Why are you so keen on poetry? That combined with the usual narrative of "Poetry is dead" OR "Poetry is boring and in the past" etc.. I have heard those very things said in a variety of forms. Yet my reply is … Continue reading I Write Because

Untitled Poem

Now that the technical issues are completed and problems relating to redesigning are resolved. I can settle down to Posting. The following is a poem that I have been working on using Ancient Folklore figures relating to Love. I am not mentioning the figures on Purpose and whch folklore they belong to. This I wish … Continue reading Untitled Poem

A Few Notes.

Having spend the past number of days adjusting and rearranging the blog site I have come to what I believe should be a working formula as it were. As some are aware this has been a second redesign following a series of issues with previous one. Additions to my blog setup are a Donations Link. … Continue reading A Few Notes.

Two Poems

Hi folks, Following days that appear endless with little inspiration for poetry I come to a point where I share Not one BUT Two. As always your feedback and evencoments on how you feel they could improve are always welcome. Just be kind with words. I am playing about using some humour as it were. … Continue reading Two Poems

New Look

Hi and Welcome to the new look set up. I have decided to upgrade my account and site to Premium and this means that I can subsidise the account and site via what little income from Advert income. ie, when One clicks on the adverts what little income That is earned from that will help … Continue reading New Look

Changes Incoming

Hi, I hope this finds you all well or as well as one can be. This is a post that is different from others I have done. In fact this is a Post to notify that I am working on upgrading the Blog and the overall appearance of the site as far as this blog … Continue reading Changes Incoming