A Few Notes.

Having spend the past number of days adjusting and rearranging the blog site I have come to what I believe should be a working formula as it were. As some are aware this has been a second redesign following a series of issues with previous one.

Additions to my blog setup are a Donations Link. For those who wish to donate any little finance to aid the running of the site. This will be found at the end of many posts from here on. There will be no requirement or any forcing of any donations and it will be completely Voluntary.

Another such addition are adverts that are set on certain locations, again these are set to help provide a little income to the site and its running cost. IF you feel like helping out Please click on an advert and that should help us in the long course of events.

Finally I want to Thak all those who helped in setting this up and in the redesign etc. Especially my daugher who gave her time to try make things as simple as possible and also her choice of schemes etc which I like. You can Help thank Lizzie by visiting and suporting her own Blog Lizzies Life Blog


I welcome any Donation that will go towards the upkeep of this blog, I will never ask OR Insist on a Donation, BUT If you decide to donate however Little it is Please visit the following Link: Donation Here Thank You.

If you are Not a part of The WordPress community please Consider joining by going to This Link.

I also ask that you click on the adverts as they help provide a little income towards upkeep. again Thank You.


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