Whose Throne?

Have you ever read a piece of writing, be it poetry or Prose, that begin's with one narrative and finishing with another? Todays poem is relating to that in a manner of speaking, A poem where one reads what appears as another form of Christian poetry. BUT one could be reading any other form of … Continue reading Whose Throne?

Loves Chaos

This afternoon I sat here with my heart set on composing a poem that is centered around the Title that you have seen at the start of this post, "Loves Chaos". But truth be told There was more chaos in kind when striving to compose this poem than what resulted and is within the poem … Continue reading Loves Chaos

Complicated Chatter

On a busy day such as today, I say down to compose a poem, which eventualy took on a life that went down a road that I never expected. I have to thank my baby sister for parts of this following one of our mad capped and rather insane chatter. Therefore, there is Nothing within … Continue reading Complicated Chatter

Forgotten Sights

In the late hours of last night I completed the poem I am sharing with everyone today. I had put if off until today to share it because I wanted to give time needed to Both explain a couple of details and expand where I can on those issues. As those who have read previous … Continue reading Forgotten Sights

Bit Part in Life

This afternoon I sat with music playing to fill background noise, whilst I set about creating todays poem, Thought after thought was followed by change after change until I settled on todays eventually completed poem. It often takes more time than expecte3d to begin with a piece that soon flows on its own as it … Continue reading Bit Part in Life

The Robin

Within this past week when out on a walk, I came upon a sound I had never had the occasion to hear before. The call / song of a Robin, for most this may have been something that would have passed by them without a thought. Either a sound they have heard very many times … Continue reading The Robin

Royal Gun Powder Mills

Sitting here yesterday I contemplated and pondered how I could fit todays poem together and yet in a manner that fits and lays the foundation for future reading. That being a place, a series of ruins that in recent years much have been uncovered from overgrowth and wild hidden areas to become what is both … Continue reading Royal Gun Powder Mills

Hearing … Being!

Sitting down today to compose this piece that you are now setting out to read, I had restarted writing this poem on three occasions, before settling on this one below. But it requires a little explaination before going further. I have spent much of my life with Tinnitus which can be explained by the following … Continue reading Hearing … Being!

Seven Days ‘Till Dawn

A couple of days ago, I set about composing a poem with a set topic in mind. To be more exact, a poem with one line in mind as a topic. I have always felt lacking when it comes tonaming poetry that I compose. The Title as you can see is "Seven Days 'Till Dawn". … Continue reading Seven Days ‘Till Dawn

Distracted Again

When thinking over what was intended for my last post, I ended up composing a little poem that should send the message of what it should have been and thus brought it more to light. For the record I called the last post and poem Curiosity, But when reading through that poem one could have … Continue reading Distracted Again