Experimenting with Photography

In recent years I became interested in doing a little Photography. But not from any particular area, but merely an experimental type situation. Almost resembling art in some people's eyes. I do not consider myself in any way knowledge in this field. But it has become fun to do such photography with family. I even … Continue reading Experimenting with Photography

Death of a Generation

Have you ever sat and looked at the current generation? Have you ever asked "how did we as people get to this..?" I believe that all get to asked some related question on at least one occasion in their lives. But gazing at a generation of a nation or people in general can become a … Continue reading Death of a Generation

Hauntings of Thoughts

Over the years I have pondered on the topic of Faith over the years and this is one of those occasions. But this is not a time where I doubt my Faith and the basis of such. But rather such a time where my over active mind continues it's path of teaching and retracing such … Continue reading Hauntings of Thoughts

To Rant or Not to Rant

Introduction Greetings, There are personal benefits for my taking to the Blogging world, Most of which are for my sanity....Rather than ramble on about who I am etc etc.. This is where the fun begins... Mental Health is sadly a topic that successive Governments in Ireland would rather forget about and let lie in the … Continue reading To Rant or Not to Rant