Death of a Generation

Have you ever sat and looked at the current generation? Have you ever asked “how did we as people get to this..?” I believe that all get to asked some related question on at least one occasion in their lives. But gazing at a generation of a nation or people in general can become a little more complex. Different people meet different views. Often views merge where others add to an even more complicated lifestyle.

What the heck am I on about? I hear you ask? A little passage from the book of Proverbs goes as follows :

Proverbs 22:6 NKJV — Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.

What has that got to do with all of this rambling?

In my view, there are so many issues that should always remain a parents responsibility to teach their child. This includes , respect of others, their views even when different, respect for law ie rules etc… and the list continues.. one must never forget that it always remains a parents responsibility to teach their child the basic lessons in life.. including the dreaded birds and bees topics.

In Ireland we got a society that has sat back allowing governments to set and dictate how our children are thought even to this current generation of children being given sexual education in schools. The dangers that arise is alarming to me, when looking at the current generation and the one to come. Do we risk teaching our children how they should go in life? Or do we let it to a state that is set in teaching our children not what we believe, But what they believe! Do we risk doing a most rewarding job as a parent in teaching our children how they go in life or do we allow them to be programmed into a system that lacks some of the basic traits in any human life?

In my opinion, the most basic trait is respect in all areas of life, even when it turns in your gut to do so… we live in a neo liberalized society that demands everything and expect all to follow and believe as they do regardless of beliefs. This form of society disregard other beliefs and demands that theirs is the only one worth following.

A prime example is the abortion referendum in Ireland. Where pro choice supporters disregard the views and voices of pro life people even to the point of disgusting behavior that goes far beyond any norms, thus creating a new neo normality that is fostered by hatred , disrespect and cut throat life styles. It is clear that my choice of lifestyle is that of respect that rules so much in the path I walk. My faith is prominent in any decisions in life. But I also respect ones decision to live a life so different to mine. ie. A neo liberal life style clashes with mine and what my Faith states… I would battle for all to have their views heard, yet they would never do like wise.

What we are facing is a possible generation of clones , programmed by the current generation, whitewashed by lies, disrespect and hatred… such a worrying thought for the upcoming generation. The possible death of a generation that I am proud to have been brought up in. That includes being beaten by teachers and thought in the process respect that is priceless. I am not promoting beatings…. But merely the teaching of respect of all including that of rules and law. This in turn creates a moral in people that will shine through. I hear some stating the horrific experiences they had in schools… mine is not as horrific, nor is it too bad. Pretty basic in many ways, to the exception of being punched by a Christian brother so hard that it left me with ears ringing. Later in life that ringing resulted in a loss of hearing. I am not bitter, it is post of An experience that brought me to where I am in life.

Therefore in short respect is thought, educated into a child from an early age. If you disagree, cool, I respect That. Let me know if you wish. This is another such thought that runs through my mind like a winding stream through a Forrest that is life.

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