Sonnet of Home

I have been playing about with a certain thought for quiet a long time, that is to compose something worthy that speaks of my home town and still find it worth reading. For those who know, Irish names are more than a mouth full as we say, Certain words will find difficulty in finding rhyme … Continue reading Sonnet of Home

Summer Rains

Over the past couple of days we have experienced rains that some wished would not make an appearance at this point. But standing aside at a quiet lonely spot listening to the sounds that ring, brought me to a little poem that almost composed itself in a strange way. Sitting here at my desk I … Continue reading Summer Rains

I Write Because

Recent conversations were asking that question , Why do you write poetry? Or Why are you so keen on poetry? That combined with the usual narrative of "Poetry is dead" OR "Poetry is boring and in the past" etc.. I have heard those very things said in a variety of forms. Yet my reply is … Continue reading I Write Because

Two Poems

Hi folks, Following days that appear endless with little inspiration for poetry I come to a point where I share Not one BUT Two. As always your feedback and evencoments on how you feel they could improve are always welcome. Just be kind with words. I am playing about using some humour as it were. … Continue reading Two Poems


Greetings, Below is a poem that I cannot rank amongst my best, BUT it carries thoughts that the reader or readers may find. Yet again One may not find much... Inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive. When you're positive, good things happen. Deep Roy Searching Still silent nights wakened a thought … Continue reading Searching

Song of my Heart

Greeting, no words I feel are enough to describe this poem. But for me to let it flow here without explaination or reason why.. Song of My Heart Call clearly to the song of my heart Does it answer from the debts of despair. Would you hear the cry that remains a part The silent … Continue reading Song of my Heart


Hi, I hope this post finds you well and safe. Struggling with depression I have been working on my poetry in its form and presentation . Also in its story that I like to hide within and yet underneath the words that we find in print. I would welcome any and all feedback on how … Continue reading Prisoner

Finding Inspiration

Hi, I hope this finds you well. In a time where Inspiration seems all but gone. A time when any sence of being has been eroded by lockdown blues and the Demon Black Dog of depression. I struggled to find that post to fill. I struggled to write much sence as it were , that … Continue reading Finding Inspiration


Greetings, I pray that this finds you well. In a time that many cover faces to protect, They forget the emotion that drives so many through their days. So many have spoken of the loss they find, the missing element in a morning stroll, A smile! A frown! Even a stressed out look! So many … Continue reading Masked


Hi, A topic that weights on my mind and I am certain one many parents who have held their child as they took their final breaths on this world. As the years have passed and the dust has disappeared as it were. How many have remembered that child that touched all who knew them? How … Continue reading HOW MANY