Sonnet to Start

When having a slow day and waiting to find that release that begins my journey to create another poetry writing session. Or such is what I tried to start with today as I sat to write. But having a slow time within my creative mindset was also my problem that I had to over come in writing this today.

Pushing oneself beyond that point that holds one back from achieving that goal, or something as little as this poetry post. To push beyond that obstacle is an achievement that I find successful in itself. This is a point I wish to make to others also. Push beyond that hinders you from going to or making that mark. There are days when one must push beyond that point that hinders or that obstacle that blocks your creative endeavours.

Todays poem is in fact Obvious from the title, it is a sonnet that differs from that which I settled on as of late. BUT sometimes one must run with what they have set before them. It is my hope that folks will at least enjoy this little poem.

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Sonnet to Start

I walked in the rain and thought of you,
It left me feeling blue why, no one knew?
Long gone are days with no care or a prayer,
Free to run for fun by the tonne until done.

Unbridled thoughts in days that the mind strays,
Like rivers that over flow banks insomnia lays.
Soon another night will find one behind,
Lost in a maze which carries one on blind.

I swim the lakes of tears living with cheers,
Drinking beers longing for you rather than peers.
With open ears to deafness it over flows,
A desire to hold you close no one knows.

I pray let it start to be a part soon,
Where life reveals unity, your my tune.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2023

Thank you for reading this post, It is most important to me that my little poetry journey is enjoyed by some. I welcome any comments that you wish to make, BUT I ask that all comments are in a polite manner, this is to keep with as positive a page as possible. Also it helps to keep those who may visit here are not insulted by some small comment etc.

At times I publish posts along with mistakes or typos that may have made their way through to published post. BUT rest assured I correct and update as soonas I discover any mistakes or typos.

In finisihing, please take care and stay safe.. As always I ask that folks strive to show a little loving care to those who are in need of a little loving care at this point.

Finally Happy New year to all.. I pray that your year to come is more of a blessing than the one just finished.

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