Food for Thought.

A topic that I have in mind should first be covered with the foloowing statement! The Following Topic and post is NOT of or including any ongoing situation in this world. It does not include any scenario or the current virus issues that affect this world.. BUT it does and SHOULD be taken as a … Continue reading Food for Thought.

The Changing Tide of Peoples.

I have been sitting about pondering on what I am about to type. I have paces about asking myself if I should with all honesty address the issues I have seen and wish to address. But I am reluctant to cause insult etc., yet they are issues that I believe should be out there to … Continue reading The Changing Tide of Peoples.

UnFinished Verses

If any writers are like me, there have been and possibly are many unfinished verses that either failed to be completed or await that moment to find its way onto some form of creative script as it were. Over the years I have had many uncompleted poems and verses that never found comploetion for a … Continue reading UnFinished Verses

Another Reworked Poem

Some years ago, before the recent debates relating to environmental issues I wrote a poem that voiced concern , If in a disguised manner, But still it was a poem about the impact of environmental issues. I reworked this poem in recent days working in to it what I have learned about poetry over the … Continue reading Another Reworked Poem

ReWorking Old Poetry

Over the past few days I have been going through some Poetry I had written some years ago. Some of which I have begun to rework and place in a form and style that I would be satisfied with. The poem below is one of those poems. Which was originally written to compare what people … Continue reading ReWorking Old Poetry