UnFinished Verses

If any writers are like me, there have been and possibly are many unfinished verses that either failed to be completed or await that moment to find its way onto some form of creative script as it were.

Over the years I have had many uncompleted poems and verses that never found comploetion for a wide number of reasons. It is now my ides to share a few of those in this post.

If for whatever reasons that anyone reading these find a finish to these or in fact find a spot for these verses etc, Feel free to use them and as per usual let me know. If for no other reason it should provide a little fun for folks.

 Callous creeds of those who show
 Unseen their Heartfelt desire, none.
 Lacking fire that light the path to flow
 Their flawed seed that ne'er shone.
 Come carry the baggage of the outsoken
 Sing the songs they sent forth
 Feel the altered layers they have broken
 Their rose coloured sights seek growth. 


 Tell us how it feels for you
 to take the steps you keep
 To feel the breeze that few 
 Would dare scatter like sheep 


 Eager to escape the concrete jungle 
 Swallowed within a sea of concrete frail
 Come aside the only aim Subtle
 Sorrow surround my every tale. 
 Concrete jungle creeps to every pore
 Destruction despite cries of lands, 
 Polluting the airs of mankind's core
 Concrete jungle from our own hands.  

©Pat Fitzgerald 2021

As I stated above If anyone feels that theycan fit these in a creation of their own, feel free to work on it with these. Let me know how it goes etc. Having said that Stay safe and look out for those struggling in these times.

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3 thoughts on “UnFinished Verses

    1. Hi it is always a pleasure to read and like writings from others which I enjoy. I believe that each day is a learning curve as it were and an opportunity tolearn from any mistakes of the previous day etc. Thus in reading your writing I believe that one could always find a delusion that fits their experience of the previous days. Thank you for shariing it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for your reply, Pat and for your thoughts about delusions. Yes, I agree about each day bringing new knowledge, experience and insights.


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