The Changing Tide of Peoples.

I have been sitting about pondering on what I am about to type. I have paces about asking myself if I should with all honesty address the issues I have seen and wish to address. But I am reluctant to cause insult etc., yet they are issues that I believe should be out there to cover.

BUT FIRST, I must set out a disclaimer of sorts. These issues are of one persons view point and does not include any form of judgment or any form of detailed analysis of any side of the issue. It is my hope that such will be covered at some point by people, or maybe they have been covered and I have been forgotten by myself. Also it should be noted that each country and indeed each area of this globe may have their own understanding surrounding these issues and inclusive of a nations laws and traditions. BUT none the less they are issues that I will strive to high light in some manner here.

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Here in Ireland we are in a lockdown that appears never ending. At this point it could be excused for one to forget just how many lockdowns we have had. In fact restrictions have been in place since this fiasco has begun. Regardless of ones view surrounding this dreaded virus. People have experienced a hardship that went beyond any expectations. From Travel Limit restrictions to Those who lost loved ones.

As an example we in Ireland have been restricted to a 5klm travel restriction. Of which the vast majority of people abided by. But there has always got to be that one group of muppets who decide that they are beyond such restriction and continue at will. Even with financial fines in place for those breaching such travel limits, we got muppets breaching at will. Then we got the political elite as I will term them in Ireland who more than considered travelling abroad for tradition in the upcoming St. Patrick’s day etc. But uproar from Public, which I feel are widely ignored either way, also by media who for once spoke that which majority of public believed and the odd political spokesperson whoalso spoke up. Thus they decided to continue their tradition BUT via social media.. In my view this affair in itself was a slap in the face of those who rarely travel from home, those who feel a prisoner in tehior own homes a, all who abided by restriction levels either through fear or their honour of the nations laws etc.

But none of these are what is foremost in my mind, But rather what I would call the changing Mindset of people in general. To explain, since this farce begun, I have set my daily exercise to a 6klm round walk each day, allo kept to around the same time, depending of various daily issues. I walk what I see as the quieter route and at least for so long it WAS the quieter route. BUT that has risen dramatically in recent weeks 10 fold in numbers. A large portion of this route is usually taken by the same people all who very visibly keep to this as their sole journey out into the world.

In past times people were generally great in maintaining cleanliness as in litter and most important Dog litter. BUT in recent times I have seen a rise in huge numbers of those who disregard any litter maintaining and cast off their litter where ever they see fit and that sadly includes Dog litter. This in itself is a little unsightly and uncomfortable for those who have spotted such a trend.

BUT the largest change has been to those who have now decided to disregard any social distancing recommendations and walk as they will, when they see fit. This is a great discomfort to those who used this route as their sole outing since these events begun. In my view I see suchg trends as being where people are at the end of their submission to regulations and restrictions and are burnt out as it were and no longer possess any care for others or environment. They wish to see the end. BUT fail to see that crashing the barriers of restrictions and disregarding simple every day guidance rules etc. Is not a way forward nor does it help those who are vulnerable or those who are holding to the last thread of hope to keep to the regulations etc. And yet feel placed at rick by those who no longer care OR those WHO NEVER Cared.

Is this how it apearts elsewhere in this globe? Disregarding Political views, religious views or any other views, How has it begun to appear now? And Finally Has The simple little threads of concern and care people had for each other now deteriorated?

Such are my thoughts and what I have seen, BUT does not include any indebt analysis etc But it is an area that does require one at some point. How much has it effected poeple in a variety of areas. If you have views on any of these areas, feel free to comment etc. Btw, please forgive any typos in this post If they exist. Until next time Stay safe.

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