Elfchen Time

Over the past week or so I built up a few verses and elfchens, Therefore I have chyosen the better of them to place here. There is never any real order or hiden story / topic etc, just a number of words placed here for fun. I am still rather new to the world of … Continue reading Elfchen Time

Word Play in Verses / Elfchen’s

With thanks passed on to those who introduced me to Elfchens and again they go out with Thanks. I have been playing with such words and set up into Elfchens and exercises, wespecially when I am sitting down to write a little poetry etc. Thus what one will find here may end up a little … Continue reading Word Play in Verses / Elfchen’s

More Working with Words (Elfchens)

A couple of days back I posted my first ever try at Elfchens and playing with words in that manner. Working with a syle that is far off the track from what I have alway been used to or even worked with was a challenge. BUT I did enjoy the exercise and decided to work … Continue reading More Working with Words (Elfchens)

Working With Words

As the title states, I am and have been playing with words and basically have been having a little fun with some words and other things. A big thank you to those of you who introduced me to this, BUT I needed some practise to get these things correct and placed as I would like … Continue reading Working With Words