Hi, In recent times during another lockdown here in ireland I have noticed something that in a strange way effected me even beyond my own belief. Therefore I set about writing poetry about such a topic. But on this instance I wanted to keep the topic etc and all that entails to be seen within … Continue reading Hidden

The Black Dog / Demon Depression

Greetings, I hope this finds you all doing well and I hope that all are well. As one who has had struggles and at times appeared to myself to resemble more of battles than episodes with depression.Depression itself has been granted many names and terms Like The Black dog (not to be ever confused with … Continue reading The Black Dog / Demon Depression


Hi, A topic that weights on my mind and I am certain one many parents who have held their child as they took their final breaths on this world. As the years have passed and the dust has disappeared as it were. How many have remembered that child that touched all who knew them? How … Continue reading HOW MANY

A Couple of Poems

Hidden messages are often a method that carry through a variety of artistic works and nothing is different in that area when t comes to poetry. I hope you enjoy at the very least these poems that disguises and yet reveals their point. A Fantasy Her hair shined in the monlight In a night that … Continue reading A Couple of Poems