A Couple of Poems

Hidden messages are often a method that carry through a variety of artistic works and nothing is different in that area when t comes to poetry. I hope you enjoy at the very least these poems that disguises and yet reveals their point.

 A Fantasy

Her hair shined in the monlight
In a night that brought the cold air.
Her eyes reflected the stars without fight
The warmt of her skin oh so fair.

Such silent thoughts within nights mind
the chill in the air stirred my imagination
A warm port a kind that seeks to find
that inner peace within arms my station.

Lost Lonliness filled my winter nights
The chill that embraced the sleepy sky.
Had stirred my thouhts to warmer flights
a fantasy that filled my journey to fly.

Onward Out to friendly stars that filled
a distant mind within a lonley night.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2020
 The Beast

Stir silent thoughts to different ports
in the midst of anxious days end
Building frames to reform the forts
that bind the demon dog within its Pen.

Find Free rivers that go its way
along a route that freedom brings
Safety from moments thoughts to stay
Wandering lost like unbound strings

Awaken alone the silence within
the sanctury that saves the lost soul.
Fighting the beast that darkens like sin
Depressions eye a silent creature cold.

Beast boast of your conquest  no more
depressions eye closes for another night. 

© Pat Fitzgerald 2020

Thank you for taking time to read these poems.. Although not near my best they carry a message that remains silent for many.

Until next time , Please stay safe.

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