Hi, A topic that weights on my mind and I am certain one many parents who have held their child as they took their final breaths on this world.

As the years have passed and the dust has disappeared as it were. How many have remembered that child that touched all who knew them? How many have paused to remember that life that touched their hearts. OR has time itself become the imortal enemy of remembering a life that once meant so much to many? This is a poem that pretty much captures that.

            How Many

Time travelled without you here
The sands flowed on carefree.
Have they forgotten without cheer?
How the mournful eyes could see.

How have they yet gone on by
Forgotten by time the healing tear.
Did they forget you so easy I cry?
Have they cast the memory I fear.

Why would time forget you yet free,
In the midst of sole tears that fall?
Has your life been none to see?
The parents eyes answer the call.

Forgotten freely by time the firm loot
But none could tell the parents loss.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2020
Thank you for taking time to read my thoughts.. Until next time Stay safe.

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