The Black Dog / Demon Depression

Greetings, I hope this finds you all doing well and I hope that all are well. As one who has had struggles and at times appeared to myself to resemble more of battles than episodes with depression.

Depression itself has been granted many names and terms Like The Black dog (not to be ever confused with any racist ideologies etc.). The term “Black Dog” is a metaphor for The darkness of the mood that a person may find themselves battling through and that of a Dog nipping at their heels. It has always served as an ideal term for those who went through those battles.

I am more inclined to call it “The Demon Depression”, because of my love for animals and my refusal to view Dogs in such light. It may be a little petty to some, but During those days I have found the greatest aid has always been a Dog.

It is a little strange that a mental illness can be likened to one of man’s most loyal companions. For example for the previous 10 years I had a black and tan cavalier king Charles who always seemed to notice the onset of depression even before I would. But sadly The little guy left this world back in January and my loyal companion and buddy had served his final task as it were. This time around I am battling this on my own will as it were., without that companion that helped to bring me back to reality.

“The Demon Depression does not end that battle just as a loyal companion would when reaching their end in life.. It battles on strangling the very life as it were out of the victim…

The battle continues even without the loyal silent ones at our sides. We just need to find that foothold to regain the hold on the battlefield that in mental health. It does not help when Lockdowns and face masks are the norm in an ever changing world. A world that those who struggled with this Demon Depression would often look to a friendly face to reclaim some form of foothold on reality.

I do ask folks to keep in mind as they walk through life with face masks etc., Consider those who may be seeking a friendly face, Often just a smile or a happy face can aid that person in their day. Consider also when faces are covered, where does the friendly appearance come from?

Thank you for taking time to read this.. Until next time Please stay safe and look out for those who may seek a friendly face. It is not a lot BUT a huge help for those in need of such.

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