Hi, In recent times during another lockdown here in ireland I have noticed something that in a strange way effected me even beyond my own belief. Therefore I set about writing poetry about such a topic. But on this instance I wanted to keep the topic etc and all that entails to be seen within the poetry. But could not keep my self from mentioning it further on in this post. Maybe it is time to STOP, THINK of how this effects those about us.


Gone from view Now
Hidden from all
Seldom seen even by a few.
Masks replace the visable, But how?

How can it be
That all forget the sight?
That inspired many as they see.
The masks hide that which has might.

The masks hide.
The emotions we saw.
No Smiles, no frowns abide.
No anger, no sadness the law.

Who sees the emotions
Who cares to say the blind cant see
The masks hide the faces, Caution!
That which we saw can no longer be.

Faces not seen.
Smiles are no more.
Frowns are not found.
Emotions seen now no more.

Faces covered
Hidden from view
The emotions that showed
Behind masks seen no more.

ยฉ Pat Fitzgerald 2020

This is a style that I have not used before and am more accustomed to a more uniformed sonnett style.. But however I do hope it has the effect I feel and see each time I take a walk now. The faces that inspired many now hidden from view..

I hope for a day that we can again walk by and see that which inspire, It shocked me how it effected me and surely I am not alone OR am I?

Until next time please stay safe.

6 thoughts on “Hidden

      1. Stunning for sure. But half the stuff was closed down. Made for some interesting nights because it was a week of spontaneity. It was towards the end of December, beginning of January when I visited. I spent a week there. Freaking cold. I live in Florida. Hell basically.


  1. Most Tourist locations, at least in the areas away from the cities are closed in the winter months for the most parts.
    June and July are great here for most part. But because we are an island it depends on the direction of the wind๐Ÿ˜‚. I live not far from Blarney Castle so got lots of areas about here.


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