Greetings, I pray that this finds you well. In a time that many cover faces to protect, They forget the emotion that drives so many through their days. So many have spoken of the loss they find, the missing element in a morning stroll, A smile! A frown! Even a stressed out look! So many have found that hidden faces have deprived the lonely of a strangers smile, a strangers stressed out face as they go on their way. To the eyes of the lonesome, they desire to see a face that makes them feel not so alone.

The following poem is my attempt to highlight the overlooked feature of human life, The smile, the frown, you name it the emotion that one sees, does in fact help the lonesome stranger feel not so alone. OR does it?

Silently staring at people walking by
who can see what none have spoken
The missing value without a cry
where all have not yet awoken.

Have hand not seen or known,
That which Shows all emotions
Now is seldom viewed or shown
Masks that cover faces like lotions.

Faces focused on retreat seek to hide
The soul of emotion seen by man.
None can see the simple smile abide.
None have seen behind the ban.

Hidden from the world in a sea of masks
The very emotions that drives the artists eye.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2020

Thank you for taking time to read this… Until next time. Please stay safe and well.. Also take time to show a stranger a simple smile…

3 thoughts on “Masked

  1. Please do not get me wrong… My point is the effect on mental health while out in public in issolated areas, where vunerable take a brief walk. Many have noticed the lack of that friendly face. And for the record I am unabvle to wear masks and am Bubbling also with Hearing issues.. BUT I suspect you have misunderstood my point completely. God Bless.


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