New Look

Hi and Welcome to the new look set up. I have decided to upgrade my account and site to Premium and this means that I can subsidise the account and site via what little income from Advert income. ie, when One clicks on the adverts what little income That is earned from that will help … Continue reading New Look

Changes Incoming

Hi, I hope this finds you all well or as well as one can be. This is a post that is different from others I have done. In fact this is a Post to notify that I am working on upgrading the Blog and the overall appearance of the site as far as this blog … Continue reading Changes Incoming


Greetings, Below is a poem that I cannot rank amongst my best, BUT it carries thoughts that the reader or readers may find. Yet again One may not find much... Inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive. When you're positive, good things happen. Deep Roy Searching Still silent nights wakened a thought … Continue reading Searching

Blessings of The Season

Greeting folks, I wish to thank one and all for bringing all kinds of support to this little blog and this little corner of Insanity that is often my mind. To Those who struggle at this time, I wish you peace of mind and encouragement for the year ahead. To those who Mourn I wish … Continue reading Blessings of The Season

Song of my Heart

Greeting, no words I feel are enough to describe this poem. But for me to let it flow here without explaination or reason why.. Song of My Heart Call clearly to the song of my heart Does it answer from the debts of despair. Would you hear the cry that remains a part The silent … Continue reading Song of my Heart

What works for you?

Hi, I pray and hope that this finds you all safe and well. For many who live through the demon depression or other mental health issues winter time becomes like a battlefield in a day to day walk through the long winters nights and cold days. At least in this little corner of the world … Continue reading What works for you?

Breaking the Walls

Greetings, In recent weeks I have found the Demon Depression hitting rather bad. Often to the extent of finding myself waiting for another day to wake up rejuvenated. Also I believe that we find life itself often gets in the way of doing what we wish to do or even need to carry out. But … Continue reading Breaking the Walls


Greetings, I pray that this finds you well. In a time that many cover faces to protect, They forget the emotion that drives so many through their days. So many have spoken of the loss they find, the missing element in a morning stroll, A smile! A frown! Even a stressed out look! So many … Continue reading Masked


Hi, A topic that weights on my mind and I am certain one many parents who have held their child as they took their final breaths on this world. As the years have passed and the dust has disappeared as it were. How many have remembered that child that touched all who knew them? How … Continue reading HOW MANY