What works for you?

Hi, I pray and hope that this finds you all safe and well. For many who live through the demon depression or other mental health issues winter time becomes like a battlefield in a day to day walk through the long winters nights and cold days. At least in this little corner of the world this becomes the case. The long dark evenings plays its own part in our mental health battle.

But what can one do in such times to make things easier? I have spent years and more than I would care to count trying to find that method or model of life’s walk. I still cannot say without any doubt that one method works. BUT it becomes a moment by moment walk at times, whilst on other days it gets a little easier. But this is the nature of the demon depression and mental health , it does not follow by our rules, nor does it give us an easy walk because of pity or a will that has it go easy on us.

Sadly Mental health still becomes a stigma that too many in society cannot see it anywhere close to debilitating to people at times. But it does and can have such effect on us. Therefore the question will always be the same in the end. How do I or we (who live through such times) get through such times, what steps do we take that takes us through such horribly low times?

For me, I feel the need to take long walks in a quiet area that helps me ease my thoughts and clear my mind as it were. These days that we find ourselves in I have take a little over 6klm walk each day. Another method is music that helps feed the mood or form, I avoid music that would bring me further down and gear towards music that will eventually help take me through such times. But the most important for me is writing, either posts like this that find words printed as I type OR in poetic form. Those for me are the avenue to get through some very dark days. They work even with the constant flow of negative media reports and negative hype of issues that can take a negative turn in itself on our mental health recovery.

I would be interested on your methods! How do you get through such very low times? What steps do you take that caries you through? Each step that people mention is a vital method that works. It may also be a method that may actually help someone else in their search to find a way through and find a method that will work for them? This question is also geared towards those who struggle with Anxiety and other issues. What works for you? Please leave a comment on what takes you through.

Until next time, thank you for taking time to read these thoughts, until next time Please stay safe and when possible look out for one who struggles at this time.

2 thoughts on “What works for you?

  1. Generally hot tea, hot bath, and writing. Walks are good but on my days my energy levels are too low to even walk my dog (and we used to go to the beach and the park to walk all the time). But lately I just have no drive…


  2. Good job! I share some of your thoughts. Maybe for me the best thing would be live in Sicily during winter and in Ireland during summer. Hot climate has some demons when it’s really too hot! Ancient Greeks called them Midday demons, able to display illusions.

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