Breaking the Walls

Greetings, In recent weeks I have found the Demon Depression hitting rather bad. Often to the extent of finding myself waiting for another day to wake up rejuvenated.

Also I believe that we find life itself often gets in the way of doing what we wish to do or even need to carry out. But we find that days have passed and at times a week or so before we can get to doing what we want or need to do.

We so often allow life as it were take us in a spiral of things that have us grasping for breath to even take a moment for thought. Or is it just myself that find things in this manner? Does anyone else find themselves caught up in a series of meaningless and mundane events that take life from our grasp or so it seems.

Then there are the days that we allow thoughts to invade our time and space. Even those over analysing of every issue get in the way. Especially if we allow such thoughts the time to manifest into something that takes up our days. But I am not a professional in such fields, but merely one who struggled with mental health issues and one who found his own way from the darkness. Rather than waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel to get bigger, I found myself breaking the walls of the tunnel itself.

I found that negative thoughts and mindset was a bigger barrier and often the foundation of the walls of the tunnel. That is where I begun to find the light breaking through in the darker times. What most professionals tell us at one point or another, REPLACE the NEGATIVE with the POSITIVE.. That often means in every aspect of life. Some it seems are just minimal things and thoughts, words deeds etc. BUT the change begins with CAN taking the ‘T from CAN’T etc.

Anyway these are just rambling of one breaking the walls of the tunnel. Until next time Stay safe, stay well.. And do smile at someone who may struggle with the isolation of social distancing.

3 thoughts on “Breaking the Walls

    1. Thank you for your comment. I struggle with those negative words and terms BUT learned that I had to give extra effort because I have a family member with severe anxiety and struggle with those terms. a mounain of its own at times. But we all or least most make it through andf ot the top of that mountain.

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