Hi, I hope this post finds you well and safe. Struggling with depression I have been working on my poetry in its form and presentation . Also in its story that I like to hide within and yet underneath the words that we find in print.

I would welcome any and all feedback on how I write and also how it could be improved, which I aim to do when I find the time to carry out such work and obvious when the demon depression allows me time to do so. Therefore on with todays poem.


 Come Pass on by lover of my mind
 You soft skin infectious to decipher
 Invading my thoughts unwanted in kind
 Playing the flute like a Pied Piper.
 Your eyes light the darkness of my soul
 Where unwilling unfettered I stand aside.
 Open the windows of your soul to the cold.
 Warm the cold heart where lonely abide.
 A smile that sets the shackles free,
 Why do you hide your beauty from all?  
 Unseen by souls that need to see
 The untouched beauty that no one calls.
 Why do you lay in the inner halls of my mind?
 Come set free from the prison of conception. 

© Pat Fitzgerald 2020

Until next time I hope and pray that you remain safe and well.

6 thoughts on “Prisoner

      1. I’ve been more suicidal of late and pushing people away but generally I try to spread cheer and kindness. I fall flat at times. Been keeping isolated when I’m not pushing others away. Downward spiral. Black hole.

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