Summer Mornings

Sitting this evening , aming to write on a topic that I had set on my mind. BUT as in times before I was never happy with the result that appeared before me. Thus I wandered about in the summer heat with an aim to find a new topic etc. In the end I merely … Continue reading Summer Mornings

Morning Musings

Over the past couple of days I have been working on todays poem, which was interrupted by issues outside of what brings this poem. Thus the delay in even publishing any post. At times we are consumed by issues that take up our time and in itself eats up any available time we had set … Continue reading Morning Musings

The Farm

Today's topic and eventual poem is based roughly off a Novel by George Orwell published in 1945. As in the novel Animal Farm it takes political situations of that time and uses the animals of a farm to signify leaders. In the novel I am certain as are many others, that Animal farm was using … Continue reading The Farm


There are times when no cover story will be enough to explain what the poem within is about or related to. In this case, such is not a situation or poem that has a cover story will explain. In this case I began with words or thoughts given from songs in the past few days, … Continue reading Washed

Sonnet of Home

I have been playing about with a certain thought for quiet a long time, that is to compose something worthy that speaks of my home town and still find it worth reading. For those who know, Irish names are more than a mouth full as we say, Certain words will find difficulty in finding rhyme … Continue reading Sonnet of Home


On occasions I begin to write with the intention and desire to go along a preset plan and route, But when writing the finished product results in something that is further away from goal than ever thought possible. Such is the case in todays poem, my origional path and topic changed in writing and the … Continue reading Failed

Knit in Time

Never being one to survive with comfort in such heat as we have experienced, I struggled to find moments of comfort in which to write. Finally a few moments has seen me sitting here to compose this post. Thus I hope that it is beneficial and the end result is worth this little journey. This … Continue reading Knit in Time

Home in Kind

After spending a little time in the sunshine visiting my sons graveside, I took a little time to Browse (as it were) through a number of old graves, Some were dating back to 1700's... One portion of this graveyard has the ruins of an old Catholic Church building which had gone into ruins during British … Continue reading Home in Kind

Encased Heart

I have spent the past couple of days striving to place the topic of Faith into poem. Whetrher that Faith is set within one religion or another OR within one's own private walk, it matters little, because the general message found within the poem is meant for you. NOT meant as an insult or to … Continue reading Encased Heart


Following a time spend listening to conversations surrounding the topic of words that are rare in poetry today, I found myself taking on a task to use a few words that I do not see very often in poetry. Therefore no great background story exists Or any great insight that arose from ashes of words … Continue reading Duplicity