An Explaination on My Writing Style

I have been thinking about placing a post like this out there so folks who read my writings on a regular basis can be aware. But I expect that some may believe different and others who may not agree with such methods etc. BUT this is how it is, to place it in a brief and polite way as possible.

I believe that one can write poetry on pretty much any topic that is before the author. In regards to much of my writings, some topics relate to mental health and issues close to that subject, others are in a social or society type basis, where a topic is relating to how people react or act towards each other. Even moral decisions may come into view regarding my writing.

Thus my writing may and in fact will vary, But some may believe thatas a writer I “Must have quiet a list of mental health issues” . But truth be told, I admit to living with depression and issues surrounding that topic. Over the years I have developed a method of placing or trying to place myself within an issue, all in order to write of that area. It is not always possible to do such a method.

Yet this is how some of my poetry has come about, if folks relate to that, then either one of a couple of things arise. (1) My method is good enough to write on such a thing and is convincing. (PLEASE NOTE: I do not do this to cause upset on folks. BUT to cause folks to think on how they act or react to others) (2) My method is faulty and insults folks. OR (3) I write on someting that I know nothing about and in turn do damage to folks. Which ever area people care to place this style in, my writing only seeks to encourage, strengthen and cause people to think on such a topic, regardless of where they stand on those issues.

Basically speaking, I write often placing myself within a situation so I can write on that topic. If is is an area of mental health or Love lost and gone forever. This is how my mind works, I place myself into a situation mentally in order to write on that. There are positives and negatives for this method. Yet in the end it helps my mental health, even if it narrows my friend list a little.

I felt the need to let this known to people who read my poetry. And as I am rambling on I restate that Iwrite to encourage and cause the reader to ponder and chew over a topic or subject in which I write on. At times it is the best way to do such a thing, by writing as close to the topic as possible. I also may write on a political issue but try to disguise or remain outside of that. BUTmy beliefs in such an area will often over right that area. Also my faith and what I believe will appear in writing and often will be hidden and with hope not stand out too strong.

I will end at this and wish folks well, stay safe and look out for others in need.

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